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S.O.R.D. TRAINING Emergency workers already understand extraction procedures.  The S.O.R.D. training videos bring them quickly up to speed with how the S.O.R.D. magnifies their efforts.  They learn a method that is faster.  It is also safer for themselves as well as the victims.

ACTIVE SHOOTER DRILL The S.O.R.D. is ideal for active shooter scenarios.  Only a few rescuers, even non-professional bystanders, can quickly extract a large number of victims.  The S.O.R.D.’s design permits a rescuer under fire to stay nearly prone while still effecting a quick rescue.  The right photo shows two rescuers effortlessly carrying the S.O.R.D. 

The S.O.R.D. Logo.png

The S.O.R.D. FOR VETERINARIANS Technicians at the Chickasaw Trail Animal Hospital safely moving their animal patients with the S.O.R.D.

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