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THE S.O.R.D. was invented by a 20-year Veteran Lieutenant Firefighter, who specialized in High-Angle Rescue, Truck Company Operations, and was an Auto Extrication Instructor.

After recognizing the inadequacy of common extraction equipment, further testing revealed that working with complicated belts, buckles, snaps and straps that an extraction can take up to five to seven minutes to complete.

In addition to this, traditional extractions also require multiple rescuers who were found to be at risk of back injuries because of poor equipment design.

The S.O.R.D. was invented by experienced professionals in the field. It requires only one rescuer, and can remove a victim in less than 15 seconds.


Saving time saves lives and extends the reach of any rescue team.  With the SORD, there are no delays.  The SORD becomes a part of the rescuer.  A small team can do a big job, and in a fraction of the time.

Firefighters and Rescue Teams

Law Enforcement

Military and Special Ops

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